A new type of radiation therapy is available at Citizens Medical Center

The therapy allows for more precise and direct treatment of cancerous tumors

VICTORIA, Texas –  Citizens Medical Center held an open house in recognition of a new type of radiation therapy.

It’s called high dose rate brachytherapy. Its high-intensity sources of radiation placed directly to the cancer location which reduces the number of treatments required.

Brachytherapy is often used to treat lung, breast and prostate cancers.

Patients will now have the opportunity to choose this form of therapy versus other treatment options in Victoria.

This treatment is usually performed in a small number of sessions over a few weeks and on an outpatient basis with the patient leaving the same day.

“This is the first time that any hospital in our regional service will have this technology offering patients the opportunity to choose this type of treatment for cancer of the cervix, skin, breast and prostate, we have already treated several patients and are excited to have this capability here at the hospital,” says Mike Olson, CEO of Citizens Medical Center.

Hospital staff really like how this form of radiation therapy can help patients get back to their normal routine with minimal disruption.

“Let me give you a brief scenario; before a woman would be in the hospital for two to three days sometimes more or we’ll have her go to Galveston, San Antonio or Houston. Now they can have the treatment right here in our facility, ” says Dr. Matthew McCurdy, Radiation Oncologist.

After the open house presentation, visitors were allowed to tour the room where the device currently sits, the device uses thin tubes to send sources of radiation to the affected area to destroy cancer cells all while being controlled by the doctor, who can measure the amount of radiation and how long to keep the radiation inside. The radiation is brought back inside the machine after a certain amount of time.

Citizens Medical Center also gave special recognition to the M.G and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation for their contributions to the hospital and community during today’s open house with a plaque.