A new city ordinance could affect where the homeless population sleep if approved

On Tuesday, August 6 th The City Of Victoria is considering a No Ordinance law for the homeless population.

“We have had a lot of citizen’s complaints about some homeless population camping out on a public sidewalk,” said O.C. Garza, City of Victoria Director of Communications.

O.C. Garza says that some of the homeless were setting up near people’s homes and causing issues.

“So they have been causing some issues and enough of an issue to where we had a quite of few residents at the last City Council meeting really complain about the City not having an ordinance that prohibits that type of homeless camping on public areas,” said Garza.

If this ordinance is approved it will prohibit any type of camping on public sidewalks and ditches. This is a concern for the community, but what solution will the city council provide to keep those individuals from camping in public areas?

“Long term solutions I think will be very hard to come by but certainly, some of the options are to have more shelter space available for them. Having the Salvation Army reopen sometime soon with their facility is going to help, but we that it’s going to take some long term planning,” said Garza.

I asked Garza if the law goes into effect will violators be taken to jail.

“Certainly jailing them is an option, and again the homeless population that really is giving some of these private citizens issues they know the law,” said Garza.

Garza mentioned that if the ordinance is approved it could go into effect by the end of summer.