A local Victoria business hosts a vaccine clinic after cases in the region continue to rise

Over 20 people visited the walk-in vaccine clinic for a Moderna vaccine dose

VICTORIA, Texas – With the delta variant spreading, Texas cases and hospitalizations are increasing quicker than at any point of the pandemic.

With COVID-19 trends in Victoria increasing in nearly every category, a local food distributor, Performance Foodservice, hosted a walk-in vaccine clinic with help from the national guard giving out the Moderna two-dose vaccine.

The president of Performance Foodservice – Victoria has been tracking the increasing COVID-19 data and wanted to give the community he serves, another opportunity to get vaccinated.

“So it wasn’t really driven by our issues per se, it’s more of the community, the rates have been increasing, we’re been paying attention to it obviously, restaurant patronage drives our business, and if people don’t feel safe to go out, that impacts us and all of our associates, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to participate,” says Jeffrey Martinez, President of Performance FoodService – Victoria.

The Victoria County Public Health Department’s latest report says Victoria County has 64 new cases and 87.28% of those new cases are among the unvaccinated.

Although cases and hospitalizations are increasing in the Crossroads, 50.9% of Victoria County residents have at least one dose of the vaccine.

At today’s vaccine clinic, there were 21 COVID-19 vaccinations successfully administered today. 9 employees and 11 walk-ins from the community.

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