A local ordinance changes in 2020

The most debated ordinance of 2019 will change the way game rooms operate in Victoria.

As we turn the page on the last day of 2019, January 1st will mark the beginning for many things, including the enforcement of new laws.

Noisy sounds, flashing lights, and now possibly abandoned buildings sums up the components of a new game room ordinance in Victoria.

Twenty-six pages make up the details of the new regulations.

We took a look at which regulations stuck out the most, county officials were not shy in agreeing their goal was to make game room permits difficult to retrieve within city limits.

If interested in owning and operating a game room in Victoria,  first up a permit is required. Simply applying for this permit is a non refundable $1,000 price tag.

Two game rooms will be allowed per precinct in the county, each at least 2000 feet apart from each other.

Clear and visible signs must be displayed, marking a building as a game room.

Tinted windows, or curtains will now be no go, all windows must be uncovered.

Machines are now limited as well, no more than 50 game machines are allowed in a single game room.

Finally, one other thing to keep in mind, a violation to any regulation, can cost you up $10,000 in fines per violation.

The full ordinance, including ALL regulations are at this link: 20191216153203846-1