A local business owner appraised value increased by nearly 50 percent

YOAKUM, Texas— Property tax increases for 2020 have disturbed many people’s lives, even a local business owner.

“My tax burden more than doubled, the appraised value was like $16,400 and now it went up to $38 and some change. So more than 50% of the value went up and all they could tell me is that you can’t build a building for that appraised price,” said Jerry Kremling, Owner of J’s Burger.

Jerry Kremling is the owner of J’s Burger in Downtown Yoakum. He says the building is over 100 years old and the structure hasn’t changed.

“I don’t know how they assessed that value on such an old building, and previously it’s been going down a little bit each year on the assessed value. So it’s been holding my property taxes the same and I’ve been in this building for a little over five years now” said Kremling.

On May 19th Governor Greg Abbott sent out a statement urging local governments to lessen the tax burden. We reached out to Stephanie Rodriquez, the Interim Chief Appraiser with DeWitt County but she declined to comment.

If your property appraisal increases you can always go online to your local County website and protest.