A local 12 year-old to compete in the World Series Bar-B-Que competition

This event is the World Series competition for Bar-B-Queing and a Howell Middle School student has been invited to show off his skills on the grill for the Kids Que competition.

Layton Shadle said, “I am trying to achieve my goal of coming in first place”.

Layton is a 7th grader who attends Howell Middle School. He started cooking when he was only nine years old. Now at the age of 12, he’s being invited to one of the largest Bar-B-Que Cookout competitions.

“So it’s going to go like this, we have many different teams from all over the world. We’re all going to be cooking either steaks or hamburgers,” said Layton.

At the competition, Layton will be cooking a steak. He will only have one opportunity to impress the judges with a pleasant-tasting steak.

Layton is following in the footsteps of his dad Robert Shadle who also competed in several competitions as well. Robert made it clear on how he feels about his son being able to compete in such a huge event.

“I’m proud of this kiddo, he’s the first one I know from Victoria that is going up to the American Royal to compete in the World Series of Bar-B-Queuing this weekend. There will be teams there from all over the world Japan, China, Australia, Germany, England. There will be teams there from all over,” said Layton Shadle, the Father of Layton.

Layton has achieved several of his goals in the Bar-B-Que competition cook-offs, but what are his plans in the future for his cooking career?

“I know I won’t be like no Gordon Ramsay or whatever but I think I might own a restaurant maybe in my future possibly,” said Layton.

Once the steak was done I was able to taste it and I must say Layton is a winner in my book.