A Healthcare Hero talks about his experience working during COVID-19

VICTORIA, Texas—Working as a first responder and having a child during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be difficult, we spoke with a Calhoun County EMS Healthcare hero about his experience on the front line.

“It’s been incredibly stressful because my fiance has been pregnant. We just had him on Monday and I mean, I get off of work and it’s just like a huge pit in my stomach of coming home, I have to strip down in the garage,” Robert Hinchliffe, Calhoun EMS, and Swat.

Hinchliffe has worked for Calhoun County EMS for three years. On Monday, April 6th the Hinchliffe family brought baby Jaxson into the world. As a new dad, Hinchliffe is concerned because he is a first responder.

“My absolute biggest fear is I’ll bring [COVID-19] home to my newborn or my kids or my fiance,” said Hinchliffe.

COVID-19 can spread rapidly from one person to another. Especially if an individual doesn’t know they have the virus. Hinchliffe says his daily activities are different as he works to keep his new family safe.

“I mean as far as the COVID stuff goes it’s been like a change. I mean daily procedures, getting into work early, having my temperature checked, screened for symptoms,” said Hinchliffe.

Hinchliffe wants to encourage the community to follow the CDC guidelines so we can keep our families safe from COVID-19.