A Health Advocate position is coming to the Crossroads Area Veterans Center

This position will serve as a liaison between veterans and the veterans affairs health care department


VICTORIA, Texas – Today, County Commissioners unanimously approved a new health advocate position at the Crossroads Area Veterans Center

Soon, veterans in the crossroads will have a person dedicated to helping them with any healthcare issues with the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care Department

The new healthcare advocate position will be funded through the Texas Veterans Commission and will serve as a liaison between veterans and the VA Health Care Department when it comes to filing for healthcare benefits

Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller, says this position is a win-win situation for everyone.

” We’re really excited about this, this is the kind of win-win situation that we always strive for, we jump at the opportunity to enhance service to our veterans and to have this new position housed in our own facility, to help our own veterans, it’s wonderful,” says Zeller.

Veterans Officer, Eva Painter, with the Crossroads Area Veterans Center says this new position will greatly help veterans in our region.

“I think it’ll be a great resource for our veterans, especially those that don’t understand the VA health care system so sometimes it is just a misunderstanding that our veterans don’t understand the process… so having someone to talk to face to face about VA healthcare issues I think is just something our veterans need and deserve,” says Painter

Eva Painter also says the Crossroads Area Victoria Center has veterans traveling from San Antonio and Houston seeking help. So a new position will be a great support system for them. The health advocate position will be filled by the end of the summer.

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