A grass fire across Dewitt County on Friday

Firefighters across Dewitt County were busy over the past week

DEWITT COUNTY, Texas – Firefighters across Dewitt County were busy over the past week especially on Friday July 10, 2020.

On Wednesday July 8, 2020 Cuero Volunteer Fire Department and Westthoff Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to a grass fire on Bellevue Cemetery Road. The fire was approximately 1 acre and unknown howe the fire started. The departments work together too quickly extinguish the fire.

About 5:00 pm on Friday, July 10, 2020, Yoakum Fire and Rescue were dispatched to a roll-over accident on FM 682.
As the Yoakum crews were enroute to their call, Cuero Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a pasture fire on FM 2542 that had accidentally started in a heavily brush pasture. Cuero VFD requested assistance from the Westhoff VFD and Yorktown VFD. Cuero VFD also requested the assistance of the County Road and Bridge crew to provide additional water and heavy equipment to gain access to additional areas they could not get to.
Due to need to create a fire break the Texas A&M Forest Service was requested for additional assistance from a Dozer Task Force. The Dozer Task Force arrived from Smithville about 9:00 pm and by 10:00 pm were busy creating the fire break. At 1:45 am they completed their task of containing the 30 acre fire. All crews were able to leave by 2:15 am. After a long day and evening.
While the firefighters were in the middle of the FM 2542 fire, Meyersville VFD and Thomaston VFD were called to a grass fire on Saur Bade Road. This was a small fire that was accidentally started by a welder.
On Saturday, July 11 while assisting at the Water drive for the firefighters, Cuero VFD and Westhoff VFD were called back to the FM 2542 fire as some trees fell onto new fuel and reignited. The departments had to pull 200 feet of hose due to the heavy brush area of the fire, however they made quick work of putting out the fire again.
Please be aware of the high temperatures are causing the grass to become very dry and can ignite quickly. Please use caution with any outdoor burning or welding.