A Goliad Woman Stung By A Caterpillar

“I opened the rabbit hutch. I brushed against something but i didn’t noticed about ten minutes later my wrist started stinging,” said Tara Tinney.

The pain and stingy Tinney felt was from a puss caterpillar. The pain was so bad she went to DeTar Hospital. “The pain would last for 24 hours and it was a neurological pain. It lasted about 27 hours,” said Tinney.

The caterpillar has a sting that fights off other animals. “The stinging hairs are the defense mechanism of the caterpillar to keep it from being preyed on by birds and lizards or whatever else is in the tree,” said Stephen Biles

The puss caterpillar is usually in trees eating the leaves. However when they pupate, then the caterpillar will likely attach themselves somewhere else.
” It will leave that tree or shrub. It will maybe go to a fence post or climb on the side of a structure,” said Stephen Biles. Most caterpillars are harmless. One way to see if it is or not is by checking its fur. Saddleback, puss, buck moth, and Io moth caterpillars are four caterpillars that have stingers. The southern flannel moth or puss caterpillar is found from Texas to the East Coast.

Ms Tinney adds all parents should be aware of their kids and their surroundings.

For more information on the southern flannel moth click here. http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/misc/moths/puss.htm

Here is another link by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office. https://citybugs.tamu.edu/factsheets/biting-stinging/others/ent-3010/