A Fundraiser for a Local Woman

Victoria, TEXAS– Organ transplants are very difficult to get and many patients never get the opportunity to get a transplant. At a glance 112,971 people need a lifesaving organ transplant. Of those only 65% are active waiting list candidates. Janice Bernal’s mother, Molly Rodriguez, was on the waiting list for two years before passing away in December.

Getting an organ transplant is a very long process and it is recommended to get a second opinion.

“Unfortunately with my mom there’s nothing that they could have done and she ended up going into a double organ failure. So, at the end they had to take her off the transplant list,” said daughter, Janice Bernal.

On Sunday, the community got together to help show support and give to the Rodriguez family. Many family members and others in the community joined in baking goodies, like cupcakes, cakes and cake pops. 

“The community has been awesome. They’ve been coming; we had people come and donate. We had people buy and donate and we’ve had lots of them come in and pray, and also buy from us also telling us their condolences,” said niece Becky Vasquez.

The family held the bake sale to gather money for Molly Rodriguez’ funeral expenses.