Miracle on 4th Street gives a voice to survivors of Sutherland Springs mass shooting

Director Charlie Minn has a new documentary

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas- On Sunday, November 5, 2017, Sutherland Springs experienced the deadliest mass church shooting in Texas history. It’s considered the fifth deadliest shooting in the United States. Twenty six people died and 20 people were hurt.

Miracle on 4th Street is a documentary that shines the light on some of the miracle stories to come out of the mass shooting.

Newscenter25 spoke with Director Charlie Minn about what inspired him to create the film.

“We have a hero in Stephen Willeford who lives 100 yards from the church. He heard the gunfire and ran out of his house barefoot with his rifle in hand. He runs toward the gunshots being fired, then he runs toward the shooter and confronts him. He exchanges gunfire then chased the suspect in the car. When you hear of a Good Samaritan doing that, it’s just amazing,” said Minn.

Minn said his goal is to inform, educate and raise awareness about what happened the day of the mass shooting.  He’d also like gun reform in America.

“I would like people to take hope, to have faith, and to know that a setback, sets up a comeback. The healing from that community has been tremendous. I think it should be an example to all of us.” Minn said. “The stories are truly remarkable. For instance, a 5-year-old was shot five times by a weapon of war and managed to survive. Now he’s taking karate, he’s throwing out the first pitch at the San Antonio Mission games. That’s one of the many stories coming out of that church. We had another kid that was shot maybe seven times, a few months later he walked across the podium at his High School graduation in La Vernia.”

The documentary fill comes out on February 26 in ten cities across Texas. If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket click here for more details.