A Committee has been assigned to oversee the Coronavirus Relief Funding Program

VICTORIA, Texas—Victoria County Commissioners reviewed funding from the Cares Act.
Commissioners established a process to utilize the funding and appointed a committee to oversee the program.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act or Cares Act, is a federal program that has provided about $1.3 million to Victoria County.

“This was pushed out from the feds to the states, to local entities, with somewhat of a framework but also leaving a lot of questions unknown so what we’ve been doing is looking at what we want to spend the money on and what we think we should spend the money on,” said Ben Zeller, the Victoria County Judge.

Since the program is in its early stages, County Judge Ben Zeller says he will reach out to the state to see what’s covered under the federal funding.

“So that process will be the committee working with the health department prioritizing these projects and expenditures determining if they’re eligible through the funding source and then as an ongoing basis reporting to the court,” said Zeller.

Seventy-five percent of the Cares Act funding has to be used directly for medical, public health, payroll expenses, and coronavirus response. Ten percent has already been allocated to overtime for employees during the beginning stages of COVID-19. Five people are assigned to the committee overseeing the funding.

“Public Health Emergency Management will be combined into one then robin will be the fifth person on the committee as we go through all these processes and then we were to go to the report back to the court because i want to keep everybody apprised of the progress we make as we go through this,” said Zeller.

County Judge Zeller says the commissioner’s court will keep the public updated on how the money is used.