A Christmas Engagement: Newly engaged couple looks forward to saving with destination wedding plans

Macy Salazar and Ryan Ybarbo got engaged on Christmas Day. Salazar talks about how they plan on saving by going with a destination wedding

Christmas and New Years are the two most popular days to pop the question. I spoke with local stylist Macy Salazar who was proposed to by her, now fiancé, Ryan Ybarbo on Christmas Day.

“Ryan proposed on Christmas Day, I was really surprised because we had already opened our presents together Christmas Eve,” Salazar said. “Christmas Day when my family was there he waited until after everyone opened their presents and was like, ‘Mace, you have one more present,’ and there it was, my ring. He hid it in the stocking for about two weeks and I had no clue.”

The couple are planning a destination wedding in Mexico. Salazar says she did plenty of research before the engagement to financially prepared.

“Weddings are definitely like $30,000, can go up to that or $20,000 or $10,000 but destination weddings are definitely way less than any of those prices,” Salazar said.

And as someone who has worked in the wedding industry for several years – Salazar says she’s ready for her turn as the bride.

“I actually do a lot of wedding hair on the weekends and travel for weddings so I’m really excited for my own wedding,” Salazar said. “A lot of my friends are going to be okay so I kind of want multiple hair styles throughout the night, which we offer on the regular anyways, so I can’t wait to do that for myself.”

Ybarbo works as a bartender for private events but has also started his own business, Wild Time Bartending and Catering, Macy said.

The couple had been together for four years when Ybarbo popped the question.

“I just felt like  it was time,” Salazar said.