Calhoun County homeowner facing higher property taxes after appraisal mishap

County says home is worth $108K more than what homeowner paid

PORT LAVACA, Texas— Property taxes are not a new issue but some homeowners are truly concerned. John Spiker sold his previous home for $100,000 because he was on the verge of losing it due to a massive tax bill.

Ronald Clawson II, is the new owner who bought the home in February. Shortly afterward he received some news from the Calhoun County Appraisal District that he didn’t expect.

“Two months later after they mailed me my paperwork back they sent me this bill saying I owe them for a $208,ooo house. I just don’t understand that. I got an appraisal and they say it’s about $120,000-$125,000 max,” said Ronald Clawson II, Calhoun County resident.

Clawson says he’s called the appraisal district several times but they have not called back. We reached out to Jesse Hubble, Calhoun County Chief Appraiser, to see why the home purchased for $100,000 is appraised at $208,000.

“We would take that into consideration but since there’s such a big difference on there we want to take a look at the terms of the sale to see if there’s something wrong with the house that were not aware of or exactly what the problem is, but we will be able to look at it and talk to him and see what we can do,” Jesse Hubbell, Calhoun County Chief Appraiser.

Jesse Hubble says they are happy to help. We’ll keep you updated. Property taxes are still due each year at the end of January.

After the story aired we received an update from Clawson II stating that Calhoun County lowered the appraisal value to $125,000.00.