A 25@35 Snapshot: Dr. Ruth Constant Remembers

This year KAVU celebrates thirty-five years of serving the crossroads community, but did you ever wonder how it all started? We’ll take you back to the beginning in a series of 25@35 Snapshots. This week we go back to 1982. Shows like Diff’rent Strokes, Mama’s Family, and Knight Rider were popular.

Television in Victoria was young and a new start up station was just an idea. An idea thought up by Ron Sheldon and Dr. George Constant. But let’s go back to the beginning, when Dr. Ruth and Dr. George’s romance was young.

A love story that started over a lecture. Dr. Ruth Constant remembers the first time she saw her husband Dr. George Constant, “he said you…you come here and be my patient…and oh he was so cute.”

Dr. Ruth met Dr George during her nursing residency in Galveston. Dr. Ruth remembers, “in reality…I’ll tell you the truth I first saw him while I was doing my residency in psychiatric nursing in Galveston he was one of the teachers they would bring in doctors to give lectures to the nurses.”

Little did the couple know that their budding romance would become so important to Victoria’s future. With Ron Sheldon’s know how and the Constant’s backing, the star of Victoria went on the air on July 21, 1982. Dr, Ruth says, “we wanted it home grown so to speak and family oriented with a first class look.”

The Star Station is now the present day Victoria Television Group. To see more of our conversation with Dr. Constant, tune in on July 21st at 6:30pm to 25 at 35 right here on KAVU.