A 12-year-old wants her grandmother in jail for the murder of her grandfather

A 12-year-old girl is seeking justice for her grandfather by placing billboards throughout the community.

Thatianna Garcia said, “I want justice for my papa for my birthday, so I want my grandma back in jail for what she did to him.”

Thatianna turned 12 years old on September 7 th . She wanted a billboard for her birthday to help get justice for her granddad. Back in June, she lost her grandfather Marion Garcia, and authorities said, his wife of 40 years Rose Garcia murdered him. His body was found in the woods behind their property.

“Now she made me really sad cause I miss my grandpa. He took care of me and my sister,” said Thatianna.

On June 18 th Ashley Garcia took her mother Rose to file a missing persons report. Afterward, she called her brothers to let them know their dad was missing.

“My brothers right away knew something wasn’t right. So, my brother, he made the drive from Odessa to Victoria. He drove all night just, so he could find our dad,” said Ashley.

Now the family is divided and half of the family is seeking ways to get justice.

“You know she went to jail on the 20 th of June and then 2 months later on the 20 th of August her family bailed her out of jail. Now we feel like the justice system is failing our dad. We would like for her to at least get life in prison without parole,” said Ashley.

Currently, she has a petition that she’s asking the community to sign to help bring justice to her grandfather.