A 10-year-old boy was attacked by the family dog

VICTORIA-Texas, —–A 10-year-old boy was attacked by the family dog on Monday, December 28th. Jose Flores, the Chief Animal Control Officer for Victoria County says, the child went to give the German Shepherd some food, as he turned around to walk away the dog jumped up on the child and started biting him.

Flores says, authorities reported there were several scratches on the child from the crown to the back of his head. There were also claw marks, puncture wounds on the child’s right shoulder, and several punctures in the right armpit.

Flores says the child was taken to DeTar North for medical attention, then taken to University Hospital in San Antonio. Authorities reported that the German Shepherd has never acted this way to anyone in the family. Flores says the German Shepard was approximately 2 or 3 years old.

The family surrendered the dog, requested a rabies test and to put the dog down. Flores says the test came back negative and, currently he’s not aware of the child’s condition.