95-year-old Navy Veteran Flies U.S. Naval Aircraft

A Local 95 year old Navy veteran is getting the chance of a lifetime to return to the skies in a plane he hasn’t in flown in 70 years.

“I’m taking one of my first flights in an SNJ like I did about 70 years ago,” says Roger Dawson.

As a result of being a navy pilot trainer in 1942.. Dawson had a lingering desire to fly an SNJ once again.

“I feel like a million dollars. I feel 20 years old again,” says Dawson.

His family was also there to cheer him on.
“My wife passed away in 2004, and I’ve got 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren,” says Dawson.

“This is what he did in the Navy, and this is what he wanted to be able to do again,” says daughter Ann Spahn.

“This really is a wish of a lifetime that was able to come true today,” says his other daughter Doris Dickson.

Rogers Navy flight captain, Trey Hayden says all he wants to see is a smile on his face.

“It was almost as if he did it yesterday.”

Rogers wish was fulfilled thanks to a partnership between the nonprofit organization Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living.