9/11 Memorial Ceremony honors fallen heroes

Members of the community took time out of their day to remember the monumental events that happened seventeen years ago.

First responders, emergency personnel, family members and members of the community gathered at Jaycee Hall Tuesday morning to take a moment and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

17 years ago, 403 first responders gave their lives in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Congressman Michael Cloud thinks it’s important to take the time to remember that day.

“In our culture we can be so busy, and it’s easy sometimes to overlook days like this and it’s so important that we do take the time to remember that peace should never be taken for granted,” Cloud said.

The memorial service honored those fallen first responders with the ringing of bells to symbolize the last alarm, as well as a wreath ceremony.

VFD Fire Chief Tracy Fox says there is a lot to take away from the September Eleventh attacks.

“It’s a moment in history, it’s different than kind of what we’ve seen in the past but it’s a moment in history that we really need to spend time on and what that meant and what the first responders meant to that event and how it’s impacted our lives moving forward,” said Fox.

Probationary Firefighter Brian Mund had a message for the community.

“Keep on going with these ceremonies, remember the fallen and never forget,” Mund said.

Due to inclement weather, the memorial ceremony was moved from DeLeon Plaza to Jaycee Hall next to the Victoria Community Center.