Sixty-six-year-old suspect charged with Deadly Conduct after road rage incident

Eight firearms, a silencer, ammunition and a pistol crossbow have be seized

Richard Wesley Kammerer of Porter, Texas

FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas – According to Sheriff Keith Korenek, on Friday, May 28, around 2:39 p.m. the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a victim reporting a road rage incident that occurred on 1-10 eastbound near 675 MM. Colorado County was also informed of the vehicle descriptions traveling eastbound.

The suspect vehicle, a 2012 Dodge pickup, was found and stopped on 1-10 eastbound at the 704 MM. The victim vehicle, a 2019 Dodge Dually pickup, was also stopped. Both vehicles were escorted off of I-10 onto the feeder road near the Alleyton Road exit by Investigator Kenn Kretz and the Colorado County Deputies, who responded to the scene and spoke with the victim.

It is reported that while traveling on I-10 eastbound, the suspect driver opened his back glass in his truck and released a pistol crossbow belt towards the victim’s front windshield, fracturing the glass.

The suspect was identified as 66-year-old Richard Wesley Kammerer of Porter, Texas. Kammerer was arrested and transported to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center, where he was charged with Deadly Conduct. Also, seized from the suspect vehicle were eight firearms, a silencer, ammunition and the pistol crossbow.