6-month-old baby Emery is fighting for her life

Courtney Whitehead is the mother of Emery Guerrero, she says her family is always in fear.

“We fear of losing her, we’ve already almost lost her twice because she’s gone into heart failure twice, she’s been life-flighted 3 times one by plane and two by helicopter overall when we’re at home we can’t sleep,” said Courtney Whitehead the mother of Emery Guerrero.

Whitehead said this situation is emotional and financially stressfully on her and her family.

“It’s because we want to be here with her, but we can’t be at work because we have to be here with her I mean it’s a lot of being upset stressed and worrying, but we learn how to manage. I mean we just have too,” said Whitehead.

Whitehead is encouraging the community to pray for baby Emery. She also said if your child has a cold go get a respiratory panel from your pediatrician. The family has also set up a fundraiser for emery’s medical expenses.

“The fundraiser is baby Emery’s medical fundraiser on Facebook and her go fund me is a fundraiser to help with Emery’s medical needs,” said Whitehead.

If you’re interested in donating to baby Emery’s medical expenses please click here.