5th Annual Black History Program at Victoria West Today

Victoria West had their 5th Annual Black History Program today which feature dancing, singing, and guest speaker Eric Leonard who talked to the students about advancing their education. “Higher education is something once you get your degree your associate’s, your bachelor’s, your master’s that something no one can take from you. Something that you worked hard for,” said Leonard.

Leonard believes Black History is important to signify where we come from. “It signifies the celebration of the fight, the struggle from slavery to Civil Rights to today to having the first African American president in office for 8 years,” said Leonard.

Dorothy Williams 11th grader at Victoria West shared with me what Black History means to her. “It is a celebration of the slaves from way back and all the people who fought in the wars and just to recognize all the people who came forward,” said Williams.

As we celebrate Black History this month, you should never forget where you come from. “One of the biggest problems with a lot of people today is we don’t know our history and our culture therefore it makes it hard to move forward and have some significance in life,” said Leonard.