55-year-old Victoria resident arrested, charged with Forgery of a Financial Instrument

All stolen equipment has been returned to United Rentals
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VICTORIA, Texas – On Friday, April 22, Victoria Police Department officers responded to United Rentals, located at 12104 N. Navarro Street. Officers responded to a person using fraudulent cashier’s checks to purchase equipment in the amount of $54,800.

Officials identified the offender as Mark Solesbee, of Victoria. Solesbee, 55, provided his Texas Driver’s License at the time of the “purchase.” After further investigation, officers and detectives located and arrested Solesbee at a job site. Officials also discovered all of the reported stolen equipment at Solesbee’s residence in the 3100 block of Parsons Road.

Law enforcement ultimately charged Solesbee with Forgery of a Financial Instrument. They then transported him to the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Jail. Solesbee will remain in jail with a $65,000 bond.

Officials returned all the stolen equipment to United Rentals.

The Victoria Police Department provided the above information and photo.