5 things to know for November 9: Biden, Election 2020, Covid-19, Alex Trebek, and more

Here's what you need to know to get up to speed and on with your day
5 Things You Need To Know

1. President-elect Biden

Joe Biden already has big plans for his first day in office. The Democratic President-elect plans to issue a series of executive orders to undo many of the policies that Donald Trump put into place. His transition team has outlined Covid-19, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change as priorities. Biden’s first focus is likely to be the pandemic, with his team just announcing the people who will make up his coronavirus advisory board. He has also previously said he would rejoin the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization on his first day. But despite Biden’s promises of a bold agenda, Democrats worry that his administration will only be able to go as far as Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell lets him.

2. Election 2020

Donald Trump still hasn’t publicly accepted that he lost the 2020 presidential election, and Republicans and his inner circle are divided on how to proceed. His son-in-law Jared Kushner and first lady Melania Trump are advising him to come to terms with Biden’s victory, sources tell CNN. But his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are urging allies to press on with the fight. With no proof of its claims, Trump’s campaign is planning a messaging blitz and pushing legal challenges designed to cast doubt on the results and delay their certification. Meanwhile, many top congressional Republicans have either been silent or urged Trump not to concede. Former President George W. Bush and Sen. Mitt Romney are among those that have congratulated Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their win.

3. Coronavirus

While much of the nation has been focused on the 2020 election for the past week, the coronavirus pandemic has raged on. The US recorded 105,927 new coronavirus cases Sunday, the fifth day in a row that cases topped 100,000. Nearly all of the US is seeing infections rise, with one emergency physician warning that the nation is “heading into the very worst of this pandemic.” The US isn’t alone in hitting frightening new records. More than 50 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide, with the United Kingdom, France, Russia and Japan among the countries where cases are climbing.

4. Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek, the genial “Jeopardy!” host with all the answers and a beloved presence on TV screens for five decades, died on Sunday at the age of 80. The legendary game show host is the latest icon to die this year after a battle with pancreatic cancer, following John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The cause of his death was not immediately announced. Despite being ill, Trebek continued his work on the hit quiz show, providing stable enjoyment for so many in a year marked by instability. The show’s executive producer said Trebek kept on going because he “really believed in the importance of ‘Jeopardy!'” and “loved that ‘Jeopardy!’ popularized intelligence.” His run isn’t quite over yet, though: “Jeopardy!” will continue to air episodes hosted by Trebek through December 25.

5. Bolivia

Bolivia has a new president: Luis Arce was inaugurated on Sunday after his victory in October’s elections. His inauguration caps a tumultuous period for the Andean nation and ushers the socialists back into power after long-term leftist leader Evo Morales was ousted during angry protests late last year. Arce, a former economy minister and close ally of Morales, comes to power trying to heal the divisions of a political crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. Tensions are still high in Bolivia, especially over changes made by the socialist-controlled Congress to lower the majority needed to pass new laws and the planned return of Morales from exile in Argentina.


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