41-year-old woman found guilty of exploiting elderly man for money

Joanie Martinez Cosper guilty of misapplication of fiduciary property

VICTORIA, Texas – A Victoria County jury found Joanie Martinez Cosper, 41, guilty of misapplication of fiduciary property of an elderly individual and exploitation of an elderly individual on Friday December 17, 2021.  This was a five-day jury trial. The jury deliberated for one hour before reaching a verdict.

Assistant District Attorneys Jordan G. Fries and Zachary Miles prosecuted the case, and the Honorable Judge Kemper Stephen Williams of the 135th Judicial District presided.

Prosecutors said the defendant, who has also gone by the last names of Quintanilla and Rodriguez, married Myrl Cosper, 88, in November, 2020, just 16 days after his wife of 64 years, Norma Jean Cosper, died. Mr. Cosper was diagnosed with dementia in April 2020. The defendant, who formerly worked as a home health caretaker for the Cospers, misappropriated over $100,000.00 from Mr. Cosper’s bank accounts, bought a car using Mr. Cosper’s funds, and attempted to liquidate a separate investment account. She also obtained a gift deed for the Cospers’ residence in Inez, which was valued at over $300,000.00, and told a friend that she hoped to move into the home with her lover after Mr. Cosper died.

The defendant will return for formal sentencing on January 14, 2022. Judge Williams will assess punishment. She is subject to a range of 5-99 years or life in prison on the Misapplication charge and 2-10 years on the Exploitation charge.