32 AK 47’s seized in a Refugio County firearm bailout

A routine traffic stop led Refugio authorities to confiscate several firearms believed to have a destination south of the U.S. border

REFUGIO, Texas- The Refugio County Sheriff’s Office confiscated a number of firearms Wednesday afternoon. It happened during a traffic stop on Highway 77, north of Refugio. Deputies found ammunition, 32 AK 47’s, and several AR 15’s.

The suspect is from Nicaragua, and is in the country legally. 

Refugio Sheriff, Raul “Pinky” Gonzalez says “These weapons we believe they are going to the cartels, south of the border. And here lately, we have been seizing some weapons so, I’m not saying it has increased, because a lot of them get by and we miss them, but here lately we have been seizing a lot of weapons.”

The suspect is now detained at the Refugio county jail. Authorities believe there may be more suspects.