300 to 400 visit the pool for open swim at Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA

Zacariah Reynolds says 300 to 400 people visit the pool for open swim almost every day.
Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA
Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA

VICTORIA, Texas – Summer is here and that means more of summer fun activities.

Several community pools in the Crossroads reopened.

Since the reopening of community pools, the Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA of the Golden Crescent has at least 300 to 400 people visit the pool for open swim almost every day, said Aquatics Director Zacariah Reynolds.

“No one came last year, but everybody is coming this year,” said Reynolds.

He shared that while observing some people who attend open swim, Reynolds said  it seemed the majority of the people may not have an understanding of water safety skills.

Reynolds shared water safety skills should start with the parents.

“The thing that I am noticing, is not only at my pool, but if I go down to Riverside Park to Pebble Beach, I am not seeing life jackets worn,” said Reynolds. “If you have a non-swimming child, you have to have them in a life jacket and be in arms reach of them.”

Reynolds said there have been more sign-ups for swim lessons this summer compared to last.

“Some of these kids haven’t done anything to do for the past year [due to the pandemic],” he said. “I think parents are bringing their kids to lessons because they to get them something to do and … want to see their kids be safe in the water.”

He said some parents didn’t want to put their kids in such close proximity to other kids due to the pandemic.

Last summer, 70 kids signed up for swimming lessons at the Y and this summer 173 have signed up, said Reynolds.

“This is just between the June and July session,” said Reynolds.

25 News Now asked if any COVID-19 safety measures are being taken as students return to the pool.

“I mean, nothing anything different than if this was pre 2019,” said Reynolds.”100 [sign-ups] more people just this year … that obviously shows you there is a comfortability.”

At last check, The Y had put an end to temperature checks.

Reynolds shared four water safety skills to always be aware of:

  1. Do not enter a body of water if an adult is not nearby.
  2. Absolutely have a life jacket if your child is a non-swimmer.
  3. No running, and diving in shallow water.
  4. Keep your pool fenced up or protected.

“If children and or adults have at least a life jacket on while in water … there would be less drownings,” said Reynolds.

According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional  death for children between the ages one and four.

The Victoria Police Department said that in 2020 there were two drownings in Victoria and none for 2021.