3 Texas natives joining forces for a virtual book event

Ethan Hawke, Greg Ruth, and Richard Linklater will all be apart of a virtual book release event

VICTORIA, Texas – Ethan Hawke, the actor, writer, director, and Texas native has written a new graphic novel called ‘Meadowlark’, with the help of illustrator Greg Ruth. On August 10, they will be participating in a virtual book discussion, the same day of the novel’s release. The discussion will be moderated by Richard Linklater, a film director, which makes the entire lineup of the virtual book discussion all Texas natives.

Tickets for the event are $35 and this includes a signed copy of the graphic novel. Participants will be able to send in questions to Ethan and Greg about the novel and will be able to listen in live on their discussion on their new novel.

Claire Burrows, Deputy Director at the Texas Book Festival, hopes that the virtual event will allow more book lovers to participate from all over the world. In previous virtual events that they’ve hosted, they have had participants from Chine, Chile, and the United Kingdom.

“It’s like if three Texan storytellers walk into a bar, that’s the event and they’re going to be talking about this book,” said Burrows.

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