3 arrested for “jugging” crime targeting bank and ATM customers

How to protect yourself against "jugging"

The Victoria Police Department (VPD) has been warning persons in the city of the crime of “jugging”. Offenders specifically target bank and ATM customers.

Basically, the offenders follow a victim from a bank or ATM, where they know money was just exchanged, to another location such as a retail store or their residence.

When the victim exits the vehicle and enters the next location, the perpetrators break into the vehicle and take the money which was just received from the bank or ATM.

On Thursday, 06/27/2019, approximately 4:10PM, VPD received a call of a car which had been burglarized while parked at a business located in the 3000 block of N. Navarro St.

Red flags went off when it was discovered that the victim had just left a bank in the 7100 block of N. Navarro and that the only thing missing was the envelope of cash and checks from the bank.

The VPD Auto Crimes Task Force was immediately contacted and began a preliminary investigation.

A detailed description of the offender vehicle was broadcast to interdiction units with VPD, Victoria County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO), Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), and Wharton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) as it was believed that the offenders would be returning to Houston, TX.

A VCSO Deputy, who happened to be on his way home in Edna, TX with his police radio on, heard the description of the offender vehicle.

He alerted officers that he located the vehicle near Edna, TX and would follow it until backup arrived.

The Wharton County Sheriff’s Office and Wharton County Precinct 2 located the vehicle and conducted a felony traffic stop at US 59 @ CR 458 near Wharton, TX.

The occupants were identified as 29-year-old Damarkus Ridgeway, 26-year-old Marcellous Ethridge, and 23-year-old Conrade Miller, all of Houston, TX.

All three were arrested and charged with Burglary of a Motor Vehicle and Engaging in Organized Crime. They remain in custody of the Wharton County Jail.

Just because we apprehended this group of suspects, we’d like to remind the community to be very aware of their surroundings; especially when leaving a bank or ATM with large amounts of cash.

If you notice anyone suspicious inside or outside of the bank or when you are exiting your vehicle, please call the police. Also, do not leave anything of value in your vehicle.

The information in this article is from a press release sent by Public Information Officer, David Brogger , with Victoria Police Department.