25@35 Snapshot: Advice from an Adman

It’s easy to forget the the early days of television when tuning in to your favorite program meant climbing on your roof to adjust the antenna.
In this 25@35 snapshot–we talk to Bob Martin who was a salesman here at the Victoria Television Group in the eighties. I know discussing television ad sales isn’t the most interesting subject but Mr. Martin takes us back to a time when TV was young and being a salesman here in Victoria was a unique experience, simply by asking one question, we take a look into the mind of an ad man.

Meet Bob Martin who says, “I’m retired now and enjoying it” He came to Victoria from Waco to manage a local radio station, “the company KWTX sent me to Victoria to manage KNAL a radio station that they had purchased, so I was the manager there from 1959 to 1968”.

From radio to television, Bob made the transition with the help of two friends, “I knew Ruth and George Constant we were good friends they put the TV station on the air. They invited us to the big celebration the opening party”. Years later Bob came to work at the Star Station. “I worked at the station as a sales person under Newt Warzecka, we had the three person sales crew, we had Jim Sheppard, Bob Hess, and myself and we all went our separate ways, now I used the power question”.

So what is the power question?

“The power question is this, what is happening in the community and how can I add that to my radio station, to my TV station, to my company, to my church, to my family.” By acting on this question KAVU’s community involvement grew, “the power question put us at the parades, it put us at the stock show, it put us in the community”. The power question developed into a great sales tool, “you don’t have to ask the question but you are aware of what is going on and how can I add that”. At the time–the community was very good economically–businesses were building a foundation and martin brought a different approach to television sales.
“I sold to an insurance company that had about six or eight agents, we had a meeting with all the agents explained to them what we intended to do and they signed into to it individually they bought the commercials and the commercials featured them.”
When Bob worked for KAVU, Victoria had two television stations which give the local business community access to a broader audience. To see more of our conversation with Bob Martin tune in on July 21st at 6:30pm to 25@35 right here on KAVU.