25 News Now viewer shares photo of bald eagle

Bald eagles were considered endangered species

Bloomington Bald EagleBLOOMINGTON, Texas – A woman named Dionne Lechuga living near Victoria county said she spotted a bald eagle in the Bloomington area.

In the past, bald eagles were considered an endangered species, but research shows at least 160 have potentially been active in the Texas area. This is an increase from a total of five bald eagles in 1971. While they are a rare sight to see in the Lone Star state, recently some have been spotted near the crossroads in Jan. 2022. Regardless of the location, bald eagles more distinct creatures to find due to their contrasting white feathered head and brown body.

Sources: contacted Dionne Lechuga, who took the photo and emailed Trey Barron with Texas Parks & Wildlife

Make sure you visit the Texas Zoo too www.texaszoo.org.