2022 Mid Coast Hurricane and Disaster Conference returns to Victoria

These conferences help establish relationships with different groups in the event of a disaster.

Mid Coast Conference Awards


VICTORIA, Texas – The 21st annual Mid-Coast Hurricane and Disaster Conference was back at the Victoria Community Center following a two-year pandemic hiatus.

This conference is a way for community partners from around the state to gather and learn about the fields of Emergency Management.

Some topics of the conference included health care response efforts after an active shooter incident and individuals who worked on the Kentucky tornado response also discussed the lessons learned from that event and what actions to take.

Jena West with the Victoria Office of Emergency Management says these conferences help establish relationships with different groups in the event of a disaster.

“We definitely know these are those great opportunities to be able to gain some knowledge whether it be from emergency management, emergency response and disaster recovery just overall community engagement. It really is at the most, a networking opportunity for these organizations and these individuals to be able to come together and have those relationships established before an emergency happens and they have that opportunity to know who they can call on for what resources and how they can best help together to get the community to get back to some sense of normalcy,” says West.

West also says these conferences will become annual once again and that the next state Emergency Management conference is set for this May in San Antonio.

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller and the late Victoria Mayor Rawley McCoy were awarded a commendation for Excellence & Leadership for their work in guiding local responses to COVID.

In addition, Victoria Emergency Management Coordinator Rick McBrayer, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Jena West, Victoria County Health Authority Dr. John McNeill, and Health Department Director David Gonzales were also recognized for their commitment and service to the community.