2020 plans underway for Victoria County

The year is closer to an end and County Judge Ben Zeller has big plans for 2020. Commissioners court heard the first phase of that plan Monday morning.

“As we go into 2020, not only is that going to be a new year, but also a new decade, and really more importantly a new era of county government” says Zeller.

A short presentation outlined phase one of Zeller’s upcoming proposal to modernize Victoria county government.

“Multiple phases, of multiple proposals, I’ll present to the court for consideration. The purpose of which is to streamline county government, improve our procedures and also ensure that we’re following best practices.” says Zeller.

The five objectives outlined included:

1.A court liaison program: A proposal that will have a court member serve as a liaison for department heads. This will be first point of contact to express issues/concerns ot the court. Zeller hopes to better enforce communication in all county offices.

2. Updating a purchasing policy: This is already a committee in the works, meeting to discuss every purchase made within the county. Officials hope to provide full transparency to the public on how tax payer money is spent.

3. Updating court rules of procedure: Regulate how the county is interpreting and stay up to date with new legislature at both state and county level.

4. Increasing cyber security: In hopes of modernizing how the county does business, counties are always prone to cyber attacks. Increased security will help regulate new technology.

5. Adopt a reserve fund:Proposal to adopt formal policies to mirror current fiscal policies.

6. Study feasibility of increased sales tax: County is exploring option to collect higher sales tax versus property tax. This can bring in up tp $3 million in revenue for the county. This would apply to sales tax in county lines outside city limits. The proposal can be from $.005 to $.02. This proposal if considered by court, will be decided by voters.

The last topic called for a lengthier conversation, County Judge Ben Zeller explained, “We have the ability to if approved by voters to bump that up from half a penny to 2 pennies if approved by voters.”

In the remainder of the year, commissioners are expecting to hear more proposals for the year 2020. All in hopes of revamping and modernizing the county.