2 rollovers caused by hydroplaning on Zac Lentz Parkway

VICTORIA, Texas- Police responded to two different vehicle rollovers on Zac Lentz Parkway Wednesday.

The first was around 8 a.m. according to a statement from VPD. A 20 year old Victoria resident, single occupant, hydroplaned on the 8300 block of Zac Lentz Parkway. Traffic lanes were closed while authorities managed the scene, and has since been re-opened. The driver suffered no serious injuries.

The second rollover occurred around 12:11 pm on the 2400 block of Zac Lentz parkway, according to VPD PIO, Lauren Meuax. “The driver was going northbound on the feeder road from Airline attempting to merge onto the loop when it hydroplaned. The driver lost control rolling the vehicle an unknown amount of times.” The driver, 19- year-old Thalyn Del Bosque, was ejected. The other two occupants, the front right passenger, 18 Ethan Ross, and the back left passenger, a 14-year-old juvenile, had minor injuries, but was not transported.

The community is advised to take care when driving in wet weather. Standing water can cause a vehicle to hydroplane, or slide uncontrollably on the wet road. As always, remember to wear a seat belt to avoid being ejected from a vehicle.