2 adults, 1 teenager dead and woman injured after shooting at Arlington apartment complex

Police are investigating case as a double murder-suicide
Originally Published: 27 MAY 21 09:22 ET

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ARLINGTON, Texas (KTVT) — Two adults and a teenager were found dead Wednesday morning in Arlington at an apartment complex in the 2300 block of Windsprint Way, less than a half mile from Highway 360.

Police said they are investigating the case as a double murder-suicide after reviewing surveillance video.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner identified the suspect as Christopher Baker, 36, and the victims as Chasity Williams, 43, and Damajay Joseph, 15.

Another woman was critically injured after being shot in the head. A man found the unconscious woman inside a car with a bullet hole through the passenger window. He called 911.

The woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition. It is also unclear how the woman in the vehicle was shot. Police said they believe she is a friend of Baker’s.

When police responded, they ran the license plates, which came back to an apartment unit at the location. It wasn’t the apartment where the victims were found, but it was close by.

Police believe Baker and Williams had a past relationship. There’s a history of two domestics violence calls to the apartment where the victims were found from April 2021, according to police.

Police said they didn’t receive reports of gunshots being fired prior to the 911 call about the woman in the car. When officers were checking out the apartment, they noticed something at the unit where the victims were found.

“The door was kicked in. Officers went in they did a protective sweep. Unfortunately when they went in they found three people that all had apparent gunshot wounds and unfortunately were pronounced deceased at the location.” Deputy Police Chief Chris Cook said.

Police said the 15-year-old victim was Williams’ son and that they lived in the apartment.

“What‘ll happen is crime scene and the medical examiner will do these tests where they can swab hands and determine if there’s gunshot residue that’ll help investigators determine who actually shot,” Cook said.

Police said it’s possible the shooting may have happened hours before officers were called.

Investigators are also looking into how the woman in the car is connected to the whole incident. At last update, she was out of surgery at a hospital.

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