19th annual Freeport to Port O’Connor Toy Run provides toys for children in need

They received $75,000 to $100,000 worth of donations per year

PORT O’CONNOR, Texas – The 19th annual Freeport to Port O’Connor Toy Run took place this weekend with nearly 40 boats all coming to Port O’Connor to donate toys to children in need. All of the participants loaded their boats up with toys that are all donated to the Adopt an Angel program, part of the Tree of Angels annual donation toy drive. Colton Praktka, an avid fisherman, says that after his first year of participating in the Toy Run, he was hooked.

“I’ve been doing it 8 years, I mean I was hooked the first year,” says Praktka. He also says that he originally found out about the Toy Drive through Facebook and has been back ever since, even convincing his friend, Joey Schiller, to join him this year.

“I been fishing all my life, and Colton talked to me about it, and I decided why not, it would be a good weekend. It’s beautiful out here so let’s bring some toys over,” says Schiller.

The Toy Run receives around $75,000 to $100,000 worth of donations each year.

Jack Beal is on his fourth year in participating in the Toy Run, coming from Houston he’s with the Big Game Fishing Club and says that his organization purchased a multitude of toys, and with it all going to the kids, Beal says it makes it worth it.

“I mean it’s all about the kids. If you can’t make kids happy you can’t make anybody happy,” says Beal.

After the boats unloaded all the toys, trailers hauled them off in which they will all be donated to the Adopt an Angel program. All the boats were docked at The Inn at Clark’s in Port O’Connor. Throughout the day participants in the Toy Run outfitted their boats with holiday decor for the boat parade that took place Saturday evening. To visit the Toy Run’s Facebook page click here.