16 facts you did not know about daylight savings time

The most popular belief that farmers pushed for the change to daylight hours is false, they hate it because it disrupts their schedule and they already make the most of the daylight by waking up early.

It was actually businesses that lobbied to move the clocks forward because they estimated it would earn them billions more in revenue. Financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St. reviewed over a dozen studies, news reports, historical articles on DST origins, and the controversies around it to compile a list of 16 lesser-known facts about daylight saving time. Click HERE to read 24/7’s full story.

Daylight saving time is more complicated than just remembering when it starts (beginning of March) and when it ends (first week of November). 24/7 Wall St. found that daylight saving time can lead to severe depression, fatal pedestrian accidents and increased energy consumption, the opposite of its original intention.

16 Lesser-Known Facts About Daylight Saving Time

1. Daylight saving time (DST) was Benjamin Franklin’s idea

2. The current DST format was proposed in New Zealand

3. DST was first adopted by Germany during World War I

4. DST became a national standard in the U.S in 1966

5. Students who take the SAT exam close to the start of DST score lower

6. (Most of) Arizona doesn’t change its clocks

7. Nor does Hawaii

8. Indiana did not observe DST until 2006

9. Other states have mad attempts to get rid of DST

10. TV viewership drops in the spring after DST takes effect.

11. Golf and BBQ industries benefit a lot from DST

12. DST has serious effects on your health from heart attacks to severe depression

13. Pedestrians are more likely to be killed by cars after 6 pm after clocks return to standard time in November

14. DST does not decrease energy consumption

15. China, Japan, and Iceland don’t observe DST and Israel and France start DST at the end of March

16. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin is great-great-grandson of first DST advocate William Willetts

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