12 Formosa employees test positive for COVID-19

A group of people that worked in the same unit have now tested positive for the novel corona-virus

VICTORIA, Texas – Newscenter 25 received an update from Formosa Plastics Monday night. COVID-19 has spread to Formosa Plastics and has now infected 12 people, according to a Formosa spokesperson. The company is now reviewing their procedures to outline certain conditions where it will require employees to wear face masks or coverings at all times. This is in the case if social distancing guidelines cannot be met.

So far, over 350 Formosa employees have been quarantined, but over 80% of the employees have since returned to work. To help those that fit certain circumstances, like employees that are subject to quarantine from a health authority or an employee experiencing symptoms of COVID-19  and are seeking a medical diagnosis,  Formosa will be expanding Employee Compensation. Formosa will also be providing additional benefits to those who qualify. For example, those that test positive for COVID-19 will receive a $1,000 gift card to assist with medical related costs and supplies. The supplier of plastic resins and petrochemicals, is continuing to follow the CDC guidelines, as well as updates from Governor Greg Abbott.