10 Arrested in De Witt County Narcotic Investigation Update

Ten people were arrested apart of the county’s drug investigation and Sheriff Bowen tells me more arrest could be coming..
“People that are being tracked at this time we expect them to be brought in within a short period of time,” said Bowen.

With this operation, Bowen and his team arrested most of the people in western part of the county.
” the bulk of the activity was found in the western areas between Yorktown and Norheim,” said Bowen.

According to Bowen, there is a steady flow of drug cases in the county but with these sting operations he want to slow down these cases.
” We have had cases that has worked well we do this process because this process seems the most successful in De Witt County,” said Bowen.

The public should not be at danger while the sheriff office are doing there operations. “Sometimes we have to do these operations in public places but once we do the pickups we try to isolate that particular subject so it is a less danger to the public,” said Bowen.