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    7-Day Forecast

      • Using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale Wisely

        The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity scale is a convenient reference for quickly describing the intensity of a hurricane, and this system has been in use for decades.  The Saffir-Simpson scale (see illustration) delineates hurricane intensities based on categories founded primarily in sustained wind speed.  Also, the Scale correlates these intensities with anticipated storm surge. 

      • Cold Front Approaching this Afternoon, Showers and Storms Likely Rest of Week

        A cold front sweeping across the State will bring showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, continuing tonight and on through the weekend as an overrunning pattern sets up.

      • City of Victoria enters Stage 2 water restrictions

        VICTORIA, TEXAS - The flow on the Guadalupe River has dropped below the level where the City can maintain normal pumping volume using its main water permit, requiring the City to initiate Stage II of its Drought Contingency Plan beginning 12:01 a.m. Friday, August 24, 2018.  

      A Mostly Dry Weather Pattern This Week.

      Regional Conditions

      Regional Conditions

      • Weather Authority Blog

        • NOAA Predicts Below Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

          The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released their updated Atlantic Basin hurricane outlook for 2018, and it is generally good news. 

        • Rip Currents: Don't Get Carried Away by Your Beach Adventure

          Between the years 1994 through 2007 (inclusive), 480 people in the U.S. died from drowning by rip currents.  Hundreds more suffered near drownings and required rescue.  

        • Tropical Atlantic Remains Unusually Cool; Hurricane Development Hindered

          NOAA satellite and buoy data indicates that the deep tropical Atlantic, normally a late summer and early fall principal breeding ground for tropical cyclones, remains unusually cool.  

        • Tornado Safety: Fact, Fiction and Survival

          Tornadoes are among the most feared and deadly weather forces affecting the U.S.  Tornadoes most frequently occur in the United States, but have a climatography that extends over six continents (including Africa).  Once unpredictable and misunderstood, tornadoes killed far more people in ages past than they do today.  

        • Turn Around, Don't Drown: the Physics of Flash Flooding and "the Bubba Syndrome"

          Every year, too many times a year, people lose a battle with the laws of physics and challenging rising, flowing water.  Driving through flooded areas including highways, streets, and low water crossings is a gamble at best, and a fatal mistake at worst. 

        • Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke: Know the Difference and How to Treat

          Extreme heat kills more than 600 people in the U.S. each year (source, CDC).  Heat related illnesses have distinct physiological signatures, and knowing the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke is vital; even potentially lifesaving.  Both are caused by prolonged exposure to extreme heat, and without treatment heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke.  Heat stroke kills but shutting down vital body systems, including:  brain and nervous system, circ...
        • Storm Chasing vs Skywarn Storm Spotting: What's the Difference?

          People who actively pursue severe local storms, as opposed to those of us who seek appropriate shelter, fall into two main categories:  Storm Chasers and Storm Spotters.  The two groups each are comprised of weather enthusiasts, but have a distinctly different purpose for their activities.  

        • Dangerous Heat Levels in Texas Next Few Days

          Strong high pressure is continuing to bake the state of Texas. With strong high pressure, air is forced to sink. Sinking air heats up quickly and that is why temperatures are very hot in the state. In the Crossroads, we are seeing highs in the middle to upper 90s with some locations hitting triple digits. Some of the bigger cities like San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin will continue to experience high temperatures into the triple digits for the next few days. Excessive Heat Warning...
        • Lightning Safety and Statistics: Who Dies and Why?

          Lightning statistics are shockingly gender biased.  That facts, based on NOAA statistics (Storm Data, 2006-2017) reveal that 80 percent of lightning fatalities in the U.S. are male.  Moreover, most of those occur when being outdoors is a choice, not a mandate of work.  

        • Coming to America: African Dust; Is It Unusual?

          Lots of attention has been given to a pall of dust spewing from the Saharan Desert, across the tropical Atlantic and arrives on the shore of the Americas this summer.  In fact, even now skies are hazy from that phenomenon.  What is happening, why is it occurring, and how unusual is it?  First, it is normal for dust from North Africa to be lifted aloft and carried westward across the Atlantic Basin. 

      Current Conditions
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      • Bill Alexander

        Bill Alexander

        Bill Alexander is the chief meteorologist for Newscenter 25.

        Bill Alexander is the chief meteorologist for Newscenter 25.

      • Trey Meynig

        Trey Meynig

        Born and raised in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, my interest in weather started at an early age with an home weather station during my jr high and high school years.

        Born and raised in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, my interest in weather started at an early age with an home weather station during my jr high and high school years.