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Victoria county to accept bids to re-pave government parking lots

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The Victoria County Commissioners have begun accepting bids to re-pave several government parking lots.

The county will begin posting bids for contractors to re-pave the Pattie Dodson parking lot and the Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 parking lot. Officials say they will find an alternative solution to repair the sheriff's office parking lot. Early estimates on the project totals just over $225,000 for just labor alone. 

Residents we've spoke to say the lots are unacceptable, an assessment County Judge Ben Zeller agrees with. 

"It's in bad shape. It was in bad shape several years ago," explained Zeller. "It definitely needs to be fixed and we don't have any disagreement with that. The good news is that we're now able to do that. So, in the coming months we will be getting bids for that project and we'll get that done."

The county has elected to re-pave the entire lots instead of just fixing the pot holes because the condition of the lots make it impossible to simply patch up. Officials also choose to do a coat seal repair as opposed to using hot mix because the costs for using hot mix are nearly double a coat seal repair, with only minimal benefits. 

Zeller adds the county hopes to complete the project by Spring 2019. 

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