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Edna beats 3 Goliad

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Now to another one of Dave Campbell's Texas football magazine's big games in the state this week.

Our David Gibson, in Edna for the Cowboys and third ranked Goliad in another district showdown.

Goliad receives the ball after the opening kick, on their first drive of the game Goliad QB Cameron Morris throws a pass to Shaun Justice for a big gain.
Next play on the drive Morris rolls out of the pocket and runs for a big gain.
After the big gain Goliad is driving when the running back takes the hand off and fumbles the ball and the Cowboys defense recovers the fumble.
On the Cowboys first drive of the game running back Dayton McCoy takes the hand off runs hard but he is swallowed up by the Tigers defense.
As the drive keeps moving the Cowboys running back takes the hand off and fumbles the ball and the Tigers recover.
The cowboys take over the ball after an incomplete pass and the tigers turn the ball over on downs.
And the cowboys are driving when QB Reese Orsak throws the ball to Ahmad Callis for a big gain.
After driving the Cowboys settle for a field goal when Goliad roughs the kicker and gives the Cowboys a first and goal at the 5 yard line.
On first and goal Edna hands the ball off to Kenny Haynes and he would rumble and tumble to a touchdown for Edna but the refs called a chop block taking away the score.
After the touchdown being called back the Cowboys settle for another field goal when its block by Goliad.
The refs throw a flag and discuss after the blocked kick, after the confusion Goliad hands the ball off and Logan Bland takes it all the way for a long touchdown run.
Goliad takes the 7-0 lead late in the second quarter.
Edna wins 17-7
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