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Victoria Regional Airport to enter transitional period following Texas Sky departure

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Today is the last day for Texas Sky at the Victoria Regional Airport. 

Following tonight's final flight, the airport will enter a two week transitional period. The airport will conduct maintenance during this time, while prepping staff and crew for the transition to boutique air on November 15th. Airport Director Lenny Llerena says there will not be commercial flights during this period but residents have other options.

"An alternative to that is charter flights. And, we do get a lot of them, especially from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. A lot of people from Victoria charter aircraft from those cities. They come here and pick them up and take them where ever they need to go."

Boutique Air will begin flying on November 15th, starting with a 7 AM flight to Houston and 11 AM flight to Dallas. 

Tickets can be purchased now on their official website.

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