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Cuero ISD preparing students for life after high-school

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High school is vital time in a student's life from their interactions and what they learn can be applied to their futures.
Newscenter 25's David Gibson spoke to the superintendent of Cuero ISD about how they're preparing students for their next steps after high school.
Superintendent Micah Dyer says at Cuero ISD, they are not only teaching academics but also life skills.
"One of the things we have always talked about is our goal as a school district is to get kids from Pre-K to real world ready," adds Micah Dyer, Cuero Superintendent.
Dyer says Cuero ISD is working on show students that college is an future option.
"We have got a partnership with Victoria college and we have also started using the Texas on ramps program this year as well. With the Texas on ramps is 100 percent free and its funded by the state," explains Dyer. "Until that program has ran out we are going to use that. But we are still going to look to expand.".
By expanding Cuero ISD wants to make it where a student will graduate with an associates degree along with their high school diploma.
"In the next couple of years, we want to have it to where a kid can walk away with an associates degree," adds Dyer.
If a student doesn't want to go to college and wants to get in the real world, well Cuero ISD is exposing them to different jobs.
"If you are interested in electrical, okay we have an electrical apprenticeship right up the road and we have businesses ready to hire you after two years," tells Dyer. "And they have a 100% placement rate."
Dyer adds they are restarting their CNA program where students can become LVN's.
"We are partnering with the local hospital that has the LVN school and see if we can have kids dual enrolled, to where if they get through all of their pre requisites by the time they are a junior," says Dyer. "They can become a LVN their senior year and then go to college, guess what in a year or two they can be fully certified as a RN at the age of 20 or 21"
Cuero ISD's ultimate goal is to make sure students are prepared for the real world.
"Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for our kids," declares Dyer.
One of the goals with these programs is to give the students the tools they need to go off and further their education with the hope they will bring their skills back to their hometown.
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