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VISD speaks about East after-school traffic

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Continuing our coverage of the Carriage Pointe traffic issued caused by Victoria East High School....

Residents are fed up with parents parking, dropping-off and picking-up their children along Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Some say they feel like they are being held hostage in their own neighborhood.

VISD's Director of Communications Shawna Currie says parents are responsible for how they choose to drop-off and pick-up their children. 

"It’s up to each individual parent as far as how they choose to have their child get home form school, whether that's riding a bus, picking them up on campus or allowing the child to leave campus and pick up their child elsewhere," Currie said.

There are concerns if an emergency vehicle would be able to reach the school during dismissal time.

Currie says designated access points allow emergency vehicles to have an alternative entrance. 

The line was designed as a one-way loop to keep the dismissal process controlled and orderly.

Residents say  the congestion from the traffic inhibit access to their neighborhood.

"They'll need to work with those drivers that are using that area as a pick-up point and also work with local city and emergency officials to make sure that there isn't a safety issue," Currie said.

Currie says administration has spoken to students about safety and being aware when crossing the street.

The pick-up line takes 20-25 minutes on average to complete, and Currie says for a campus of 2000 that's pretty efficient. She adds that the traffic loop is normally clear after 20 minutes. 

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