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Unitarian Universalist church one step closer to reopening

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We first told you about a two car accident on May 29 that wasn't just an ordinary finder binder, the force of the impact caused one car to barrel through the Unitarian Universalist Church of Victoria located near Crestwood and Nimitz. 
There were no physical injuries but the damage suffered to the tiny church is still being felt 5 months later.
 newscenter 25's David Gibson followed this story from the beginning and tells us an update on the recovery process.
Right here is where the car went crashing through wall and looking at it now it looks pretty nice but the recovery process is slowly moving forward.

"Well its going very well. We hired a contractor and he has been working on it since early September," tells Manuel Zamora, Board President.
Manuel Zamora the Board President for the Unitarian Unviersalist church believes the church will opens its doors pretty soon.
"The contractor's estimated date of completion is some time this month," adds Zamora.
Right after the accident, the Victoria Islamic Center allowed the Unitarian Universalist Church to borrow their building to hold services. But now members are ready to get back into their own building.
"Everybody is very excited. We have enjoyed our time here but its not home," says Zamora.
A circle of faith was created back in Jan 2017 when the church offered to help the Mosque.
"We were among the first churches to help them, when they had the fire that destroyed their facility," explains Zamora. "And we opened our doors to them.
Now mosque stepped up to help the church.
"Thank you very very much. We are very grateful, appreciative and just very glad that they allowed us this opportunity," exclaims Zamora.
He thinks all churches and religions should work together during trying times.
"We feel like its been a very good co-mingling of faiths, you know i feel like thats how it should be. Everybody should help each other," declares Zamora.
I asked Zamora whats next for the church when the open up their doors.
"We will continue the work that we have been doing and try to be a force for good in the community and continue to grow," adds Zamora.
Zamora adds he is thankful for this community coming together to support their go fund me that help alleviate some concerns about repairs to the damage building.
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