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County Judge talks state of DeWitt County

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The Cuero Economic Development Corporation held their community leaders meeting early this morning.
Newscenter 25's David Gibson spoke to the County Judge about the state of the county.
County Judge Daryl Fowler spoke to community leaders about the state of the county.
"Our oil and gas permitting out of the railroad commission is picking up," tells County Judge Daryl Fowler. "This means every new well that is drilled adds to the tax rate base and offsets the decline of wells that were drilled in previous years."
Property tax has always been the main source of income for the county however oil and gas is competing for that spot.
"The importance of that is every 79 dollars out 100 taxes we are raising comes from the oil and gas and its appropriate because that's the industry that is creating these most damage on our roads," adds County Judge Fowler.
County Judge Fowler says one of the things the county wants to improve on is their roads.
"We finished the fiscal year with about 30 million dollars in the bank and we intend to spend 10 million dollars out of our reserves this year," explains Fowler. "And continue you on with our road and bridge project"
While the money will primarily be used for roads it will also help with safety of the residents.
"By widening the roads and deeping the base of the road, we are also making them safe for the school buses and the residents that live in the community," expresses Fowler.
Commissioners are working with other counties in the Eagle Ford Shale areas to speak with State representatives about helping with damaged roads.
"We are going to lobby the legislature to take more responsibility for the damages that occur on county roads," says Fowler. "The state of Texas receives billions of dollars in tax revenue for every barrel of sold."
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