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Port O'Connor Residents Suffer from Sewer Issues

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Residents in Port O'Connor are facing many issues after the heavy rain of last month. The sewer system is simply not fully functioning.

"Its beyond an emergency, it was an emergency a week ago- it was emergency when you got families with their children playing outside and human waste is on their driveways right where they are playing" says resident Danny McGuire.

McGuire points to where sewage water was once seen right outside his home, and the lack of an adequate sewer system to flush his toilet.

"Mine came out of the vent and into the ditch here.." he adds

Other residents like Weslie, who has a three year old son experienced something similar, raw sewage was leaking into her driveway.

"it pours down in here and then it just goes down into the drainage ditch and into the bay about less than half a mile away" adds Weslie. 

"I'm beyond frustrated my wife is a school teacher and she has to go to a boat barn to go take a shower and go to the bathroom" says McGuire.

The Port O'Connor Improvement District has been able to fix some areas, however the pipeline carrying water to push sewage through is from Port Lavaca and its the only source. 

"The system was put in in 2000- we're getting more people here and we're beyond capacity on that system" adds Danny.

Residents are hopeful that with upcoming elections in November, a new board for the Port O'Connor Improvement District will be elected and prioritize this issue. Port O'Connor is not new to this happening. Sewer issues have appeared in the past and keep occurring. 

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