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Update: Three suspects arrested in Dupont shooting, assault

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Update 9/14/18:

The Victoria Police Department have arrested three people in connection to a shooting at the 900 block of Dupont. 

According to court documentation, an unidentified man traveled down Dupont after leaving a local gas station, when a brick was thrown through his passenger window. 

The man pulled over and confronted Raul Garcia, the man believed to have thrown the brick. After being confronted, Garcia pulled out a firearm and shot a round into the air while yelling "I will use it!". Raul and his brother, Jose Luis Villarreal, began assaulting the unidentified man after the threat. During the assault, the unidentified man's girlfriend attempted to pull Raul and Jose off him, leading Gabrielle Soto to assault her. 

VPD arrived shortly afterward, arresting the three suspects.

Raul Garcia and Jose Villarreal have been charged with Aggravated Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon and are being held at the Victoria County Jail on a $50,000 bond. Gabrielle Soto has also been charged with Aggravated Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon and is being held in the county jail on a $10,000 bond. 

Original Story 9/13/18:

At the 900 block of DuPont street, right at the intersection of Lone Tree Rd., a call was made to officials after shots were heard in the residential area. Witnesses say there was a physical altercation outside of a home that led to a shattered car window and gun shots. VPD did confirm at least one gun shot was fired and one fire arm was recovered from the scene.

"Several people were detained, and they are still detained right now until we can figure out what had happened. No one was shot. There were very minor injuries in the assault" states David Brogger, VPD spokesperson. 

VPD has labeled this as an aggravated assault investigation and were on scene for about 2 and a half hours until the area was completely cleared. Detectives were on scene conducting witness interviews as well. There is no clear motive for the assault at the moment as the investigation is ongoing.

Officials have not yet made any arrest, but did handcuff two men at the scene who were brought into custody. VPD does expect to make an arrest in this case. 

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